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Welcome to Express Vets, your trusted veterinary clinic in Buford, GA. Our approach to veterinary care combines the convenience and speed of same-day appointments with the personalized, hometown feel you and your pets deserve. We believe in offering top-quality care that's not only affordable but also delivered with a genuine commitment to your pet's well-being. At Express Vets, we specialize in primary care for your beloved furry companions, and our dedicated team is passionate about ensuring their health and happiness. We're here to provide your pets with the exceptional care they deserve while making you feel like part of our extended family. With our focus on affordability, you can trust that your pets will receive top-quality care, allowing you to prioritize their health.

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Dr. Philip Eggleston

Dr. Philip Eggleston, hailing from Carrollton, GA, is a seasoned veterinarian with a profound passion for small animal medicine. Dr. Eggleston's journey through academia led him to Samford University in Birmingham, AL, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology, laying the foundation for his future career. After completing his education at the esteemed UGA College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008, he embarked on a dedicated path in the field. His commitment to his patients and clients is evident through his love for engaging in meaningful conversations and his special interest in internal medicine.

At home, Dr. Eggleston shares his life with a delightful furry family, including two charming cats, Brutus and Preachy Cat, and three wonderful dogs, Stella Boo Boo, Moe Moe, and Missy. Beyond his professional and personal commitments, he is a devoted family man, enjoying the company of his wife, Jeannine, and their spirited 5-year-old son, PJ. During his cherished moments of leisure, Dr. Eggleston can often be found indulging in his love for basketball and bouncing on the trampoline with PJ.

Meet Our Dedicated Team


Veterinary Assistant
Practice Owner

Alex, a Gwinnett County, Georgia native, has harbored a lifelong passion for animals and their well-being. In August 2021, she took the courageous leap into her dream career within the veterinary field. From day one, Alex found profound fulfillment in nurturing the unique relationships between pets and their devoted owners. Beyond the clinic, she relishes the great outdoors, cozying up with a good movie, or diving into the pages of an engrossing book. Alex, along with her husband, leads a vibrant life tending to their lively household, which includes 2 dogs, 4 cats, 20 chickens, and 4 ducks.


Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist
Practice Owner

Julia juggles multiple roles as one of Express Vet's dedicated Assistants and Receptionists. Her lifelong passion for animals has steered her towards a career that allows her to be surrounded by these cherished creatures. Since joining the veterinary field in 2021, she has found immense joy in being a part of this compassionate community. At Express Vets Buford, she looks forward to expanding her knowledge and expertise further. Relocating from Nashville with her 9-year-old poodle, Lola, and her partner, Julia recently welcomed a new addition to their family, a playful kitten named Dunkin. Thrilled about building her life and career in Georgia, she eagerly anticipates the journey ahead with us!


Veterinary Assistant
Practice Owner

Melissa has lived in Georgia her entire life, right here in Gwinnett County. She began her journey in the veterinary field at a young age, gradually advancing to her current role as a Veterinary Assistant. Her true passion lies in assisting animals and witnessing their growth and learning. Outside of work, she relishes quality time with her husband, Chris, their two daughters, and their wonderfully wild trio of furballs: Maxel, Meeko, and Maze.

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